Diving & Snorkeling


There are a number of local diver operators on Maratua now. They have full equipment and licensed dive masters. You can make your arrangements for diving directly with the dive operators. If you are interested in diving and want to contact them before your arrival, we can provide contact details, so you can make your own arrangements.


The snorkeling right off of Maratua on our House Reef in front of the guesthouse is excellent. Some divers have commented that they saw more on the shelf in front of our restaurant, than they did on some of their boat trips. If you don’t have your own snorkel and masks, you can borrow ours for the length of your stay for free. We do not have fins, as they damage the coral. If you must have fins when snorkeling, you will need to bring your own.

Full Day Snorkeling Boat Trips

We offer 3 fantastic full day snorkeling boat trips to the islands around Maratua, including around Maratua, Derawan, Samama, Kakaban and Sangalaki islands.

Kakaban & Sangalaki

Kakaban has a lake from the dinosaur times that has 4 species of stingless jellyfish. The lake is huge and it’s magical to swim with these jellyfish. Also, the snorkeling is excellent off the coast of Kakaban. Off of Sangalaki Island, you can swim with manta rays. Up to one hundred manta rays have been seen frequenting this area.


Maratua has many of the top snorkeling spots in the world. Many can only be reach by boat. On this trip you can travel around the island to these snorkeling spots. This is a wonderful trip as you get to see a lot of Maratua Island by boat, so it’s kind of a Island Tour and Snorkeling Trip combined.

Derawan & Samama

You will visit 2 excellent coral reefs off the coast of Samama Island. Samama is a beautiful, untouched island that is surrounded by extended, shallow coral reefs. You can then stop for lunch on Derawan Island. After lunch, you will visit 2 excellent coral reefs off the coast of Derawan.

You can arrange your boat trips once you arrive to Maratua

We can put together a personalized trip for you depending on the weather, what you want to see, and the tides.

Half Day Snorkeling

3 – 4 hours
1 island
$30 per person
minimum 3 people

Full Day Snorkeling

5 – 6 hours
1 – 2 islands
$45 per person
minimum 3 people