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Hey there intrepid traveler! You’ve just found one of the last family run guesthouses on the most beautiful, untouched island in the world. We’ve been called the most unique Indonesia Hotel in this island nation, but we’re really Indonesia’s best kept secret. Not many have heard of Maratua Island, so we’re happy that you found us.

Oceanfront Double and Twin Villas

$99USD / night

Lake View Family Villas

$79USD / night

Lake View Double and Twin Villas

$69USD / night

Jungle View Double and Twin Villas

$59USD / night


After searching through the many islands of Indonesia, we settled on the unique island of Maratua in the Derawan Archipelago. If you’re looking for special travel experience where you commune with nature and like-minded travelers, you’ll love Maratua Guesthouse.

Check out this amazing drone filmed video made by the beautiful Oakshott Family from Montreal, Canada. Cheers Oakshotts!

We have a 12 acre sanctuary in the jungle, with simple, comfortable wooden villas. You have the choice of jungle-view, salt-water-lake view, or our stunning ocean-view villas, which sit overlooking the Celebes Sea. These were the villas you saw on the cliff to the right of the restaurant in video above.

If you would like more information, just go to our Contact Us page and we’ll get right back to you.


The host family is amazing. They know everything about the island and the Berau regency. Their English is very good (in case you are a foreign traveler), but their cooking is even better. Their portions are big and will help you with any sort of planning problems or accommodation problems. They can help organize boat trips from and to other islands and show you around their island. At the property is a really nice beach, coral reef in front that even dive boats come to dive at, in land lake, in land cave and very comfortable rooms. They accept credit cards for purchases which may make it easy if you are a foreign traveler without a local atm card.


What a wonderful surprise to find this place. 1st the food is fantastic, I’m not a fussy eater but one of our group is and she loved everything also. Great portions and delicious. 2nd the water and reef right out front is the best on the island. So good in fact divers from derawan island come right out front for paid dives that you get for free day in day out. 3rd turtles, so many turtles. The sea life out front is so diverse it’s just incredible. Listen to the owner Jun about snorkeling times and where to cruise around to with his rental scooters. I had a blast would bring others here in a heartbeat. The accommodation is just fine, rustic cabins either in the jungle or on the seashore. It’s not fancy but it’s definitely a hidden gem


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